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Gideon and related surnames Database

The people listed here are recorded in my central "Gideon" database and was contributed from a variety of sources, which are noted in the main database file.

There may be some duplications of people caused by different variations of a same name, and there may be some folks who are only related via marriage to one or another Gideon line.

This is only Phase I of the database...there are still a great many more folks I have not yet entered.

If you recognize someone on this listing and want more information, please send e-mail with the EXACT listing you are interested in and I'll look in the database for any additional information and the source of the information we have.

Name	                    Birth date	  Death date	    Spouse
Unknown female                                          Gideon, Kelvin Keith			
Catherine *unknown	                		Giddens, Moses
Cora *unknown	             Abt. 1830		        Gideon, Henri
Elizabeth *unknown			                Giddens, Richard
Elizabeth *unknown	     Abt. 1835		        Gideon, Patrick
Elizabeth *unknown	     Abt. 1894		        Gideon, John
Ellen (Drake??) *unknown     Abt. 1824		        Steel, John
Harriet *unknown	     Abt. 1825		        Gideon, John
Jean *Unknown			                        Unkel, David Joseph
Louise *unknown	             Abt. 1814		        Gideon, Francis
Lucinda *unknown	     Abt. 1820		        Gideon, William
Luintillar *unknown	     Abt. 1807		        Gideon, Edwin
M. *unknown	             Abt. 1829		        Gideon, W
M. B. *unknown	             Abt. 1808		        Bridges, Isaac
Margaret *unknown			                Giddens, James
Mary *unknown			                        Gideon, Sidney
Mary *unknown	             Abt. 1803		        Gideon, M. P.
Matilda *unknown	     Abt. 1810		
Milly *unknown	             Abt. 1827	  Aft. 1850	Gideon, Barthelomew
Milly *unknown	             Abt. 1828		        Gideon, Patrick
Nancy *unknown	             Abt. 1780		        Stegall, Benjamin
Nancy *unknown	             Abt. 1824		        Gideons, Marhas
Olivia *unknown	                  1828		        Gideon, James
Patsy *unknown	             Abt. 1822		        Gideon, Benjamin
Sally *unknown	             Abt. 1810		        Gideon, Berry W.
Sarah *unknown	             Abt. 1825		        Gideons, Charles
Sharboll(?)*unknown	     Abt. 1819		        Gideon, William
Susan C. *unknown	     Abt. 1828		        Autin, Zachariah
Thelma *unknown	             Abt. 1828		        Giddings, Noah (Naoh)
Donald Adamson			                        McCracken, Peggy Ann
Muriel Evelyn Alcorn			                Henningsen, Carl Raymond
Evelyn Andrews			                        Gideon, Jesse
Katherine A. Anstead	                   20 Jun 1922	Clark, Philip Lloyd
Edna Mae Ash	            24 May 1906	      Aug 1968	Titus, George Harry
Joanna M.  Ashmore			                Gideon, George Henry
Charles Asshing			                        Gideon, Wilmouth
Martha Asshing			                        Gideon, Henderson
Aaron Mark Auberg	       Private		
Austin Goodwin Auberg	       Private		
Catherine Brei Auberg	       Private		
Hannah Auberg	               Private		
Mark Renard Auberg	       Private		        Titus, Twyla Marie
Tegan Auberg	               Private		
Absalom C. Austin, Jr.			                Preston, Nancy
Absolamon Austin			
Daniel Austin	             25 Jan 1842   30 Aug 1929	Clark, Ann Elizabeth
Infant Son Austin	     13 Jul 1914   15 Jul 1914	
James Wesley Austin	      3 Aug 1868   16 Dec 1941	Berrick, Amelia
John Andrew Austin	     21 Nov 1877   03 May 1937	Nimmo, Effie Odelle
Lloyd Austin	                              Aug 1897		
Mary Tremelly Austin	     30 Nov 1869		Cannon, "Doc"
Nancy Claracy Austin	     19 Feb 1882		Harmon, Harve
Nathaniel P. Austin	     19 Dec 1879   16 Mar 1966	Gard, Della
Sarah Kathryn Austin	      5 Jul 1886      Dec 1969	Hough, Ben
William Austin			
William Riley Austin	     10 Jul 1873   19 Dec 1946	Lipe, Lavana
Zachariah Autin	               Abt. 1830		*unknown, Susan C.
Lula Bailey			                        Gideon, Ernest E.
Rachel Elizabeth Bailey			                Gideon, Van Buren Willis
Dennis Baker			
Frank Baker			                        Unknown, Guiborg
Gary Baker			
Jeff Baker			
Jim Baker			
John Baker			
John M. Baker			                        Brown, Inez Marie
Richard Putnam Baker	                        	Titus, Mariana
John Baldwin			                        Boone, Jean
Charles Barfield			                Gideon, Elzuira
James Ottis Barnes			                Fletcher, Mary Louise
Aldice May Barrett			                Fox, Jesse William
Dean Bartels			                        Unknown, Bonnie
Fred Bartels			                        Beedle, Mary
Jerry Bashore			
Mary Jane Bashore			                Titus, David LeRoy
Benjamin E. Batchelor			                Nichols, Betty J.
Elsie Marie Batchelor			                Paul, Henry C.
Marion D. Batchelor	      3 May 1914   13 Jul 1981	Renner, Sylvia
Ronald Ernest Bateman			                Titus, Marlene Joyce
Rosanna Baum	               Abt. 1847   ?18 Jun 1882	Gideon, Valentine M.
Dora Jeanette Bealle			                Gideon, Clyde Edward
Baby Girl Beard			
Christopher William Beard			
William Beard			                        Clark, Patty
Norman Jean Beatty			                Titus, Dannie Dean
Kimberly Lynn Beckley			
Robert Beckley			                        Morrison, Dixie Jean
George R. Beedle			                Titus, Edna Jane
Isabelle Beedle			                        Bennett, George Nelson
Mary Beedle			                        Bartels, Fred
Mary C. Bell	                 Abt. 1854	  1942	Gideon, Charles Rollins
Iris Darlene Belski			                Bobeau, Michael Dennis
Julius Bender			                        Gideon, Martha
Henry Benner	                 Abt. 1840		Johnson, Ella
Maude Benner			                        Talbert, J.C.
Alfred Leman Bennett	        4 Mar 1869		Negus, Olga
Andrew Bennett	               22 Oct 1835  14 Dec 1905	Gideon, Mary Elizabeth
Andrew Floyd Bennett	       21 Dec 		
Charles Burton Bennett	        7 Jul 		
Charles Kyle Bennett	        7 Apr 		        Gideon, Fannie Fern
George Nelson Bennett			                Beedle, Isabelle
Jacob Bennett	                 Abt. 1800		
James Warren Bennett	       20 Aug 1893		
Josephine Bennett	        2 Dec 1891		
Stephen Gideon Bennett	         Abt. 1859		
W. Vernon Bennett	       30 May 1884		McDonald, Corgie May
Vincent E. Berdine		                	Gideon, Almira Elizabeth 
Amelia Berrick	               22 Nov 1870  23 Feb 1968	Austin, James Wesley
Felina Berry	               19 May 1846		
Francis Patric Berry			                Gideon, Nancy Minerva
Nancy Berry	               18 Jun 1844		
Polina Berry	               19 May 1846		
Sophie Jane Berry	       19 Nov 1840		
Nancy A. Betts (Belts?)	       14 Oct 1870  28 Jan 1905	Gideon, William A.
Massey Bishop			                        Gideon, Mary W.
Emma Bivins	   	                                Gideon, Price
Elizabeth Starr Blackburn      16 Jan 1801  10 Apr 1836	Gideon, William
Shirley Lynn Blake			                Truitt, Richard James
Eliza Blockson			                        Gideon, Samuel Hitt
John Blue			                        Gideon, Sarah
Malinda Katherine Blue	       1 Sep 1846   30 May 1918	Gideon, James Russell
Robert Blue			                        Unknown, Martha
David Dennis Bobeau	       Private		
Kathryn Anne Bobeau			
Lisa Colleen Bobeau			
Mathew Joseph Bobeau			
Michael Dennis Bobeau			                Belski, Iris Darlene
Richard Dean Bobeau			                Shwatz, Anne Elizabeth
William D. Bobeau			                Gideon, Betty Mae
Julie Boedacker			                        Heyer, Lindsay
Robert Bolin			                        Young, Mary Lee
Erwin Boone			                        Titus, Evelyn
Jane Boone			                        Unknown, Jim
Janet Boone			                        Jasson, Delbert
Jean Boone			                        Baldwin, John
Jody Boone			
Olive Opal Boone			                Titus, Floyd Evans
Unknown Booth			                        Parker, Jesse
Sarah Bost	                       1810  Feb 1879   Row, Jacob
Olivia Cecele Bourdon	          4 Feb 		Mangen, Frank John
Floren BRADFIELD	          1 Jun 		
Homer BRADFIELD	                 14 Oct 		
Wilbur Ross BRADFIELD			                Gideon, Elizabeth
Maude Alice Brei	       21 May 1899  24 Jul 1983 Titus, Joseph Cyrus
Isaac BRIDGES	                 Abt. 1802		*unknown, M. B.
M. E. BRIDGES	                 Abt. 1829		
A.R.A. BRIGHT			                        Gideon, Mary E.
Nancy BRIGHT			                        Gideon, Preston
Henrietta BROOKS			                Gideon, Louis
Dale Allen Brown			
Dawn Marie Brown			                Pruitt, Unknown
Emile Harvey Brown	       3 Mar 1902		White, Margaret
Gordon Charles Brown	      12 Jun 1947		Gideon, Sandra Mae
Hugh T. Brown			                        Titus, Mary Selma
Inez Marie Brown	      28 Mar 1925		Baker, John M.
Irene Ann Brown	                     1931	1952	
Julia Sophia Brown	       8 Oct 1905		
Patricia Brown			                        Woods, G. Clark Adamson
Peggy Brown			                        Tegeler, Duane
Shirley Kathleen Brown			                Pratt, Unknown
Thomas M. Brown	              24 Dec 1832  Abt. 1922	
Tracey Dawn Brown			
W. P. BROWN			                        Gideon, Elnora
Willard Brown			                        Harbsmiller, Shirley
Beatrice Mae Burns			                Montgomery, Fred Carlton
Gregory Eugene Burns			                Johnson, Rebecca Ann
Valentine BUTLER			                Gideon, Polly
Margaret E. BYERLY			                Gideon, Stephen
Mary BYERLY			                        Gideon, James H.

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