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Assorted GIDEON Tidbits

These items are from areas which I do not at this time have enough data to make a complete page for. Should more information on these states be located, these little items will be moved to appropriate individual area category.


MARRIAGES OF JACKSON COUNTY ALABAMA 1871-1876 AND 1876-1881 Bk=Book Number P=Page Number (Two licenses per page)
BRIDE               GROOM                    DATE          BOOK/PAGE

Elnora GIDEON       Brown, W. P.           08 Jan 1879     Bk-C P.319
Erwin, Susan M.     Calvin GEDDEEN(GIDEON) 19 Nov 1871     Bk-B P.62
Mary C. Kerr        GIDDEON, Calvin        07 May 1878     Bk-C P.247
GIDDEON, Mary E.    James H. Shell         20 Feb 1876     Bk-C P.3
Susan M. Erwin      GIDEON Calvin          19 Nov 1871     Bk-B P.62
GIDEON, Eliza C.    Francis M. Kelly       26 Sep 1877     Bk-C P.161


Probate Estate case files-Tulare County CA to 1900
A copy from microfilm can be obtained from:
Tulare County Superior Court Clerk
Courthouse, 2nd Floor
County Civic Center
Visalia, CA 93291


Giddings, E.                  462           17 July 1889


1776 Census of Frederick County, Maryland, (Elizabeth Hundred)
Peter GIDEN  Age 50.
Elizabeth GIDEN Age 53
Henry GIDEN Age 5

Although some counties listed all individuals in same household
together, Frederick County (Elizabeth Hundred area) list them under
different headings as to their age.

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