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Gideon Families in Indiana

Here are some miscellaneous GIDEON listings from the State of Indiana.


Last Name,     First Name,    Last Name,  First Name  County    Date  
Bride or       Bride or       Spouse      Spouse
Groom          Groom

GIDEON         ALLA           GRABILL**  JONATHAN     Vigo    05-11-1840
GIDEON         GATHA          KELLY      NATHAN       Clark   09-21-1848
GIDEON,        GRANVILLE      DAVIS      NANCY        Vigo    04-13-1850
GIDEON         JAMES L*       HOLT       MARGARET     Vigo    06-03-1847
GIDEON         LUCINDA        HAYWARD    JOHN         Owen    10-11-1839
GIDEON         MALINDA        KELLY      WILLIAM H    Scott   12-22-1835 
GIDEONS        MARGARET       PHILLIPS   GEORGE       Spencer 08-28-1831
GIDEON         MARY           GOODALE    CHARLES      Carroll 03-09-1835
GIDEONS        CELIA          GORDEN     CALVIN       Perry   01-31-1838
GIDEONS        SCIANA         BLANSET    HENRY        Perry   09-04-1843

These listings were found via the Indiana State Archives.
*A different source listed same Groom and Bride but James with middle
initial of "S".
** A different source listed this man's surname as GRAYVILLE

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