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GIDEON in Ohio

Now this page will probably end up quite large as I start placing my own personal data online, as Champaign County Ohio was a perverbial breeding ground for those Gideon folks. There were also Gideon families in other Ohio Counties (in fact at the moment causing a great research debate in my own lines over two "Henry Gideon" lines, both claiming to be the Henry, son of Peter Gideon of Loudoun County Va has emerged...). At any rate, here are some assorted GIDEON facts and excerpts from the great State of Ohio.

Ohio GIDEON Death Records

Extracts from Ohio Online Death Certificates Index

This great database, just under development by the Ohio Historical Society allows you to look up a name and get the Death Certificate Information. This comes in VERY handy when ordering a copy from Vital Records. Thus far the index only covers deaths from 1913 through 1917 but plans to expand as information can be added to the database.

Ohio Death Certificate Information for GIDEON 1913-1917
Deceased Death Date County of Death Vol Cert # Code
. . 1913 . . .
GIDEON Clement 13 May 1913 Cuyahoga 1090 31606 18
GIDEON Louis 24 Oct 1913 Cuyahoga 1192 57204 18
. . 1914 . . .
. . None listed . . .
. . 1915 . . .
GIDEON John L 10 Jan 1915 Cayahoga 1540 01034 18
GIDEON John M 12 Apr 1915 Paulding 1633 24457 63
. . 1916 . . .
. . None listed . . .
. . 1917 . . .
. . None listed . . .
Cincinatti Newspaper Index Abstracts

The following items can be located in Cincinatti Ohio's library and possibly other places as well, since you'll have enough information to find them after consulting this chart. I do not have any of these articles so if one of you DOES obtain them, we would love it if you'd share them with us.

GIDEON related Articles-Cincinatti Newspapers
Person Paper Page+Column Title or Article Type Date of Issue
GIDEON Anna B Enquirer B4:4 Obituary 30 Mar 1993
GIDEON Anna B Post 8A:3 Obituary 30 Mar 1993
GIDEON Clifton P "Kippy" Post 16A:1 "Over The Rainbow" Brave Child Finds Peace. Loved ones Find Joy in Kippy's Short Life 17 Oct 1996
GIDEON Clifton P "Kippy" Enquirer A1:1 A Child's Legacy of Humor and Hope 16 Oct 1996
GIDEON Clifton P "Kippy" Enquirer B4:4 Obituary 15 Oct 1996
GIDEON George TS 1:2 Youth Held in Burglary... 20 Oct 1953
GIDEON John C Enquirer 5:3 Pvt Killed In France after Brother is Wounded 29 Aug 1944
GIDEON John C Post 7:1 Pvt Killed In France.. 28 Aug 1944
GIDEON John C TS 2:2 Pvt Killed In France after Brother is Wounded 28 Aug 1944
GIDEON Lyda Enquirer A8:4 Death Notice 27 Dec 1988
GIDEON Lyda Post 12C:2 Death Notice 27 Dec 1988

NOTE: I don't know what paper "TS" is and could not find a list of abbreviations to tell me. I am trying to find out and will post that information as soon as I receive an answer. Also, letters in the column/page section indicate the "section" of the newspaper appeared in.

Some Gideon marriages in Champaign Co

The below listed Gideon marriages may be found in Book B of The Champaign Co. records.

GIDEON, AnnPARKER, Abraham15 Dec 18383131 Nathaniel Kidder, J.P.
GIDEON, CatherineGARY, David03 Dec 18332639 Alexander Morrow, M.G.
GIDEON, George W.KIDDER, Lydia14 Jan 18342351G. W. Walker, M. G.
GIDEON, SarahSAVAGE, William08 Aug 18352582G. W. Walker, M.G.

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